Blue Flower

Easter 2019

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter Sunday. Thank you

Buying Lemonheads - New Hire Is Always Sour

Buyers remorse. Employee regret. Employer

The Fallen Leaf At Work - Fall From Glory

Ever work with someone who

Magical Distracter - Manipulative People At Work

You ever closely watch a magic show? Have you ever been able to detect how a magician did a trick? How did he

Becoming Pinocchio The Puppet At Work In Corporate America - One of The Many Types of Coworkers

Ever watch a puppet master? A true manipulator at work? A Dr. Evil

The Over-sharer - Type of Coworker Who Insists On Telling You About Any and Everything That They Have Ever Done or Plan To Do

What is an oversharer

The Cheater - Handling The Type of Coworker Who Cheats The System In Corporate America

Remember that guy in high school who would cheat on tests? He always schemed and fast talked his way

The Liar - I Work With Pinochio The Story Teller

Remember growing up when someone would tell a lie you would say

The Ditch Digger At Work

The ditch digger at work is that one colleague who is always