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Focus on your professional development attend a conference this year

2018 Career Resolutions #6 Annual Meetings

- Attend a professional conference

Many organizations sponsor annual conferences. If you are an engineer, NSBE has a conference; if you are a mathematician, NAM has a conference; if you work in project management, PMI has a conference and ASQ has a conference for six sigma professionals. In addition to these functional or field  specific conferences,

Go Back to School Earn a college degree

2018 Career Resolutions #5 Credentials

- Puruse a new college degree

Like certifications, having a particular college degree can give you a hiring edge over another candidate for a job or promotion. If you don't have a degree,

Earn A Professional Certification or License 2018 Career Resolutions 4

2018 Career Resolutions #4 Certifications

- Earn a new professional certification

Certifications can often times be the deciding factor in hiring decisions especially in the technology or consulting fields. While experience matters, having certifications

Learn More Take Company Sponsored Training Courses

2018 Career Resolutions #3 Training

- Take A Company Sponsored Training Course


Most sizeable companies over trainings through their HR or L&D (learning and development) departments. Smaller companies that don't have in house offerings may be willing to

Grow Your Knowledge Base Read A Professional Book A Quarter

2018 Career Resolutions #2 Reading

- Plan to read a professional book a quarter

One of my favorite experiences in Corporate America was being in a book club at work. We would gather ever so often and discuss career related books in relation to our

2018 Career Resolutions Mentoring Seek A Mentor or Mentor Someone Else

2018 Career Resolution #1

- Find A Mentor or Mentor Someone Else

One of the essential variables lending to career success is mentoring. Many first generation corporateers often overlook the importance of having a mentor. When you are new to the workforce you dont know what you dont know. Newbies don't inheritly understand that situations

20 Career Resolutions for 2018

Career Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

If you are like most of us its that time of year for reflection. Its that time to look back over the past year or few years and determine how the next will differ. Not only do we spend time thinking about ourselves and our family we also thinking about our careers. No matter which stage of life we're in we should have a plan for the future as it relates to our careers. FGCC has come up with a list of 20 career resolutions for 2018 to help get you started.

Be Careful Who You Choose As A Professional Reference Backstabbers

Be Careful who you choose as a professional reference. My team and I were going into a conference room to have a meeting. As we approached the room another team was finishing up a meeting and preparing to leave. As we entered my boss mentioned to one of the directors of the other group that she had just interviewed one of his mentees. She mentioned the persons name and the director immediately said it was a "No." My boss was perplexed as the interviewee had mentioned how much she loved this director and

Prayer For Dealing With A Bad Boss

Prayer for Dealing With A Bad Boss

Dear God: Thank your for blessing me with a job. Thank you for giving me an employment opportunity which provides the financial means necessary to take care of myself and my family. Thank you for food on the table, a roof

Would You Recommend A Bad Job To A Friend

Would you recommend a bad job to a friend? That is the question 

Dealing with An Unethical Boss In Corporate America

Dealing With An Unethical Boss In Corporate America

At first thought one may think that the rules for dealing with an unethical boss in Corporate America are the same  as dealing with an unethical boss in other industries such as fast food and retail places such as McDonalds, Burger King, Best Buy. I don't know if they are. The stakes are different. There is so much more