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Psycho Coworker Is Camped Outside My House - #HIBM

I just took a look out the window and I see

What do people get out of creating fake social media accounts in the name and likeness of others particularly in Corporate America?

How can you be happily unemployed, you ask? Let's discuss 10 ways

Friday Wind Down - Italian Ice

Happy Friday. Another work week

2018 Career Resolutions Mentoring Seek A Mentor or Mentor Someone Else

2018 Career Resolution #1

- Find A Mentor or Mentor Someone Else

One of the essential variables lending to career success is mentoring. Many first generation corporateers often overlook the importance of having a mentor. When you are new to the workforce you dont know what you dont know. Newbies don't inheritly understand that situations

How To Respond To Peace Stealers At Work?
How Can You Be at Peace in Your Office With So Many Peace Stealers?
Can You Refuse To Give Away Your Peace While At Your Job?

8 Workplace Zombies That Eat Up Your Day

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If your are struggling with time management and need to improve your organizational skills then be sure to download the FREE career EBook from WorkFront "8 Workplace Zombies That Eat Up Your Day." This complimentary guide will help you avoid 8 Time Wasting, Deadline Missing, Infection

OReilly Media is Offering the Book Linux Kernel in a Nutshell By Kroah Hartman FREE 9780596100797 Perfect for Computer Programmers and IT Guys In Corporate America

Linux Kernel In A Nutshell Reference Book

For a limited time only, O'Reilly Media is offering the book "Linux Kernel In A Nutshell" for FREE. This is great for computer scientist, programmers and other IT guys working in Corporate America. Written by a Greg Kroah-Hartman, "Linux Kernel In A Nutshell" provides a comprehensive overview of kernel configuration and building.