Blue Flower

So Possessive - Can't Be Friends With No One But Me

Ever have a friend who doesn't want you to be friends with anyone

The Bus Driver - Who Is Driving The Bus That You've Been Thrown Under in Corporate America and What Is His or Her M.O.

Have you heard the expression to

Temptress Working Hard To Get That Corporate Man - Handling A Temptress In The Workplace

So sexy
Effortlessly Charming

Coworker Is All The Rage - He Gets So Easily Enraged

Ever work with someone who is easily angered. You never know

Big Time Pusher On The Premises - This Sly Guy At My Job Is Always Pushing Someone Else To Do His Work

Years ago, I use to work with this guy that everyone

Working With An Excuser In Corporate America - That Person At Work Always Who Has An Excuse For Everything

Ever work with someone who is full of excuses?

Practical Displays of Gentleness -

Ways to Actively Become A More Gentle Person While Working in Corporate America

  1. Put the other person(s)

Let Me See You ID - Coworker Too Old To Always Be Acting A Fool - Do They Ever Grow Up?

I really want to