Blue Flower

Dimmed Lights You dimming your light to let another star shine bright?

Corporate Catfishers Catfishing Colleagues Hiring Managers Executives Family and Friends

A catfisher uses fake or stolen pictures, bogus profiles and cunning manipulation,

You ever sit back after a long day

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How To Respond To Peace Stealers At Work?
How Can You Be at Peace in Your Office With So Many Peace Stealers?
Can You Refuse To Give Away Your Peace While At Your Job?

What is the difference?
- Goodness vs Kindness

What is the difference between goodness and kindness? Are goodness and kindness the same thing?

Increase your 401K contribution career resolutions 2018 FGCC

2018 Career Resolution #15 Optimize Your 401K

-Increase your 401K contribution percentage

The best parts of having a 401K are that your contributions are tax deductible and that your company may match your donations. Many of us can afford to contribute more to our 401K as time goes on. If that is you, plan to