Blue Flower

I have a crush on my coworker. I think I'm in love.

Here's the thing. My coworker is gorgeous. I have a huge crush. It makes me shy and nervous just thinking

My Man Sent Me 5 Dozen Roses To My Job and My Female Coworkers Destroyed The Bouquet
-Valentine's Day Horror Story

Let's have harmony. How about love, peace and soul. How great would it be to have a harmonious work life? Can a group of women at work sincerely get along? Is a cogenial work environment possible? Shouldn't life at the office be

Rise and Shine - Love Is In The Air

Rise and Shine, Love is in the air. You feel it. It's so thick you can

Friday Wind Down - Fun and Relaxation

Treat Yourself To Some Good Eats


Thank goodness its Friday. The end to another glorious week. Don't neglect to treat yourself. Be kind to yourself. How about enjoying lunch at one of the finest restaurants around this Friday. You deserve it. Relax and have fund to wind down the week and get ready for the next. You are amazing.

How Should You Respond To Haters and Hateful People At Work?

Sticks and stones may break one's bones but words cannot hurt them.

Lies they

Haters and Hateful People At Work

Are haters just hateful people or is there a difference between someone being a hater and

First Step to Surviving Haters and Hateful People At Your Place Of Work and Employment

Recognize When Haters and Hateful People are Operating In Your Midst


Don't make the mistake of

Rise and Shine - Stay On Your Grind

Its a beautiful day. You are amazing, well abled and destined to be blessed.
God isn't the source of fear, sadness, anxiety or being stressed.
Rise and shine, stay on your grind, and

Friday Wind Down: Fun and Relaxation


Our goal is to live a life of peace, wisdom, grace, mercy. We crave the enjoyment of all that life has to offer. Careers and work life no doubt

What should you do when you realize someone is lurking over you?

How should you respond to a lurking coworker?

Why Do People Lurk?

What are the motivations behind lurking coworkers?