Blue Flower

Unexpected Overtime Unexpected Rewards


One day Gary and his team were working late on a project that had

Rise and Shine It's The First Week of Daylight Savings Time 2019

Time to Brighten Your Day. Rise and Shine, It's Was A

Friday Wind Down - It's Endurance Time

Tips For Being Patient At Work

What Does It Mean To Be Patient At Work?

Being patient is more than

What Are The Things or Who Are The People That Test Your Patience At Work?

In the words of Tamar have you ever thought "They tried it!" Who or what is trying your patience in your office?

Travelling for Business Can Be Great or Travelling for  Business Can Test Your Patience


Business travel can be fun and exciting. It can take you to many locations that you would've never experienced otherwise and give you an opportunity to

Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods Cheating Scandal Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from Jordyn Woods Interview with Jada Pinkett Smith

Can These Lessons Learned Be Applied Within A

Rise and Shine - You Virtuous Patient Beautiful Soul

Good Morning. Rise and Shine. Insurmountable

Words of Encouragement and Prayer

You've taken a stance of

Why Do I Have No Peace At Work and No Peace At Home

Meet Nubella:

Nubella joined her company right out of college a couple years ago. She doesn’t really

Friday Wind Down - Don't Forget To Meditate and Hold On To Your Peace
It is Time For Some Friday Fun and Relaxation.

Happy Friday! May