Blue Flower

Pacing The Floor At Work

Some people pace the floor

My Boss Talks Trash About Me To Others Throughout The Organization. What Advice Do You Have For Handling The Situation?

My boss talks trash about me

I Got Infested With Crabs – There Are Buckets and Barrels of Crabs in My Office In Corporate America. Is There A Pest Control or Resell Market for Crabs?

I walked into my office and

No matter how you dice it, slice it , spice it, per the late great Nipsey Hussle "having strong enemies is blessing."

Thank God for your enemies. 

It’s All Training Grounds

My loves everything, we

Sowing vs Harvesting? What Is the Timing Involved?

My Loves depending on

Coworker Wants to Know How Much Money I Make

My coworker told me