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Friday Wind Down: Fun and Relaxation


Our goal is to live a life of peace, wisdom, grace, mercy. We crave the enjoyment of all that life has to offer. Careers and work life no doubt

What should you do when you realize someone is lurking over you?

How should you respond to a lurking coworker?

Why Do People Lurk?

What are the motivations behind lurking coworkers?

What are the most effective ways to handle your lingering lingerer coworker who overstays his or her welcome?

Here are a few options.

Why Do Coworkers Linger? Why Do People In General Linger?
1. They don't realize they're lingering - you haven't properly conveyed

Rise and Shine - Your Victory is Coming
Rain, shine, sleet or snow, Today is a beautiful day. It's a blessing to still be amongst the land of the

Dealing with lingering coworkers who are always lingering around


Have you ever experienced the following?
You're busy at work. You have to get a report or presentation out within the next hour and it'll take that or more time to finish. Or perhaps you're trying to finish up something so you can meet a friend for lunch or

Rise and Shine. Its a beautiful day. God is good. The world is

Persecuted at work - Troubles on the Job

What do you think when you hear the word "persecution?" I think of unjust suffering. I think of being lied on, talk about and punished for things you didn't do. I think of the words 

Dealing with an idiot coworker - What can you do?

Have you ever thought "This guy is so stupid? How did he get this job? Who is he related to? Why do I have to work with this dude? This man's mistakes and lack of skills and knowledge is affecting my work. Is he really that dumb? OMG, he is such an

Celebrate Work Anniversary

Do you celebrate your work anniversary or that of your employees? Should you? How often? What should you do to celebrate a work anniversary?

A work anniversary should probably