Blue Flower


While the company is in the same city in which I reside, its all the way across town. I arrive to the dingiest high rise building that I have ever been to. I enter an open office space with three offices along the windows. Luckily the first person I see is the interviewer. He asks me how much did I think the job should pay. He proceeded to question if I wanted to know anything about the company. After a couple questions from me he told me that it'll be a few weeks and they'll make a decision. What happened to lets discuss your resume or tell me about yourself, I thought? A total of five minutes passed from the time I entered the office to the time I left. All I could think about was why do companies waste job candidates time? Why don't they take any precautionary measures to prevent a five minute job interview from occurring?

Have you ever been promptly dismissed from a job interview? Alternatively have you ever gone on a job interview and quickly realized it wasn't the company for you? Let us know your stories in the comments below.