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Differences Between Haters and Hateful People:

  • Haters tend to know or have at least met their subjects. Hateful people can exhibit hate towards their subjects without knowing or having ever met them. Hateful people hate people based on the people being a member of a group that they hate.
  • Haters feel power by traveling in packs whereas hateful people can easily work alone. Haters aren't happy unless they can turn others against you.
  • Haters need an audience and hateful people don't. Haters need external validation.
  • Haters are loud and boisterous about their hate whereas hateful people tend to work more in silence (think of a TV gossip show expose versus KKK)
  • Haters tend to have conscious reasoning no matter how illogical to justify their hate. Hateful people tend to derive their hate unknowingly. Many hateful people are hateful based on how they were raised. They can't really trace back why they feel how they feel.
  • Haters have fear, resentment and envy that drives their actions whereas hateful people can be hateful because it's who they are. Hateful people don't need recent events as justification to be hateful.
  • Haters embody a "misery love company" mindset. If a hater isn't happy they can only be around others who aren't happy. Hateful people are not necessarily miserable they're often very successful and happy but don't believe others can be based on prejudices. 
  • Haters have more of a de facto mindset and hateful people have more of a de jure mindset.
  • Haters act off of a "others should or shouldn't be able to and woe is me" mentality whereas Hateful People act off of an "others are incapable of doing something because they of the group they belong to" mentality
  • Haters tend to want to be you hateful people don't believe you should want to be you
  • Haters are secret admirers hateful people tend to hate not admire their subjects
  • Haters get their kicks out of hurting other people sometimes hateful people do too
  • Haters can't get enough of their whereas hateful people tend to want to be segregated from their subject
  • Haters feel inferior and are trying to feel superior to their subject, Hateful people feel superior and want to keep their subjects from feeling anything except inferior to them
  • Haters more often than not act out of weakness, fear, intimidation whereas hateful people are just hateful and act out of a false sense of entitled and assumed strength.
  • Haters whether just or not feel intimidated and trying to intimidate others while hateful people are always the intimidator
  • Haters feel like everyone is in competition with them even when the hater is no where near the other person's level
  • Haters need external validation whereas hateful people may or may not need the validation of others
  • Haters are going along with a crowd to keep the tables from turning on them; sometimes hateful people do the same but most of the time they are strong enough to stand alone
  • Haters are inauthentic, they will do anything to be accepted and feel worthy; Hateful people could care less of what others think about them
  • Haters aren't happy when you are on a higher level than them they work to bring everyone down to size