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Similarities Between Haters and Hateful People:

  • They both have extreme dislike or disgust for their subject.
  • They both see their subject as an enemy.
  • They both see their subject as a potential threat.
  • They both see their subject as a cause of their lack of happiness and success.
  • They both try to minimize others presence and put them down
  • They both have a psychological mindset of lack and scarcity (they don't believe everyone can win)
  • They're both trying to protect their level of significance, importance, control or wealth
  • Wrong or right they're projecting their level of awareness and their realities
  • They both are mean spirited.
  • They both can be bold and extremely disrespectful.
  • They both can be illogical in their thoughts and actions.
  • They're both unfriendly and can be antagonistic
  • They're both unwelcoming
  • They both can unjustly blame others for their problems
  • They both want to put one in his or her place
  • They both defer to a strategy of exclusion
  • They're both dangerous to encounter
  • They both may act out in an effort to gain acceptance of others
  • For both types the subject of their hate or hatred shouldn't take it personally