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Haters are individuals who tend to have Hate for others. Hate for them is reflected in intense hostility and aversion towards another person usually derived from fear, anger, envy or sense of injury. Within a hater's psyche he or she feels envy or have feelings of unhappiness, discontentment or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, reputation or good fortune. Haters tear down others to feel better about themselves and to make the others feel worse about themselves. Haters see others as their enemies and aren't satisfied until as many people as possible share their thoughts.

Hateful people tend to have less envy or Hate and more Hatred which is prejudiced hostility or animosity than haters. For hateful people their hatred is derived from prejudice or a preconceived and often illogical opinion that is not based on sound reasoning and actual experience. Hateful people tend to make up the ists - racists, sexists, agists and so on. Hateful people tend to have animosity or a feeling of strong dislike, ill will or enemity that tends to knowingly or subconciouslly display itself in their actions and speech. Hateful people tend to be extremly antagonistic. Hateful people innately show hostility and act out by not being friendly, hospitable, warm or generous to those they hate. They can be outright evil and extremely mean.