Blue Flower

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The problem was the more Keyshia disengaged the worse their taunting and bullying attacks became. These women would trash talk Keyshia to many executives. These executives were extremely hateful and wanted Keyshia out but Keyshia did her job very well. Now let's note that the executives weren't only listening to what the women were saying but also the executives were old as dirt and no matter how they tried to camoflougue it, most of them had many racists, sexist, hateful, disgusting prejudiced ways.

Recently, Keyshia felt the women coming towards her, so she put on her music to tune them out. They became louder and more numerous. Several hateful men joined them and began to hatefully taunt Keyshia. Keyshia began to cower but refused to cry. The worst they got the louder Keyshia music got. As Keyshia cowered and tried to ignore them she began to silently pray. She prayed that they would just go away. She prayed for strength to withstand their evil attacks. She prayed for God to make another way. She prayed for courage. She prayed for peace.  She prayed that God would change their wicked ways.