Blue Flower

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Scenario 3

Keyshia was bad as in amazing. She was a phenominal woman. When she walked into a room, heads turned. She had the brains to match the beauty. A couple of Master's degrees and years of experience in her field. She wasn't the most sociable however and was very careful with whom she shared her energy with. When she went to work, Keyshia wanted to work not fratanize. A few ladies at her office felt snubbed by Keyshia after she refused to hang out with them or play in any of their shady two faced triffling games. Keyshia didn't necessarily have anything against them they just weren't her crowd.

The women would chatter "How dare she act like she is better than us?" While Keyshia overhead them, she didn't pay it in any mind. These women went out of their way to pay Keyshia back for snubbing them. They would encamp around Keyshia in her workspace and taunt her. They would talk at her. Keyshia learned that whenever she saw them coming to put her headphones on or where possible to just get up and walk away. She would turn up the music in her headphones as loud as possible to tune them out. Keyshia didn't want their negative energy and disrespectful antics to upset her so she would mentally and emotionally disengage.