Blue Flower

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Mary knew that Celosa was misguided in her anger and opinions.Celosa couldn't do Mary's job if she tried. Mary knew that Celosa's actions were rooted in jealousy, insecurity, weakness, fear and hate. Although Celosa kept Mary's name in her mouth, Mary knew that she had more strength in the nail of her pinky toe than Celosa had in her entire being. Celosa couldn't walk 10 steps in Mary shoes.

Mary didn't need to validate her worth or being to Celosa. To Mary, Celosa was a non factor, a worthless distraction. Although Celosa constantly tried to discredit Mary, Mary knew her accomplishments and frankly speaking so did everyone else. Mary knew that she would continue to rise even further with or without the approval of Celosa or anyone else for that matter. Mary knew that she couldn't let Celosa bait her into conflict and nonsense. Mary was not willing to allow Celosa's hatred to disturb her peace. Mary was above Celosa's worthless drama. Mary prayed for Celosa but refused to give Celosa another second of her time or an ounce of her energy.