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First Step to Surviving Haters and Hateful People At Your Place Of Work and Employment

Recognize When Haters and Hateful People are Operating In Your Midst


Don't make the mistake of

not recognizing when there are haters and hateful people in your midst. 

Picture this. You are under constant attack but have done absolutely nothing wrong. What is going on? Have haters and hateful people infiltrated your workplace?

Examine these 3 Scenarios

Scenarios 1
Kim while walking down the hall at work, minding her own business trying to make it to a meeting, catches Bob in Accounting giving her a look that could kill. This isn't the first time she had caught Bob passing evil stares her way and she couldn't help but to wonder why. She thought to herself "What did I do to Bob? Does he look at everyone like that or did I accidentally offend him somehow? We don't even know each other well. We have never had any real work interaction." A couple days later she passes by the breakroom when she hears Bob telling another executive "We need to be careful of people like Kim. We can't trust her. I'm going to have to have my assistant keep an eye on her."