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Why Do Coworkers Linger? Why Do People In General Linger?
1. They don't realize they're lingering - you haven't properly conveyed
that you have other things to do and that they've overstayed their welcome
2. They lack social skills - everyone has different norms and someone with low social skills definitely won't know that they've overstayed their welcome or have lingered too long
3. They don't know how to exit a conversation - sometimes one may feel like they're being rude by walking alway or being short in a conversation
4. They're trying to build rapport and a relationship with you - they're staying too long because they want to get to know you on a more personal level once the business portion of the conversation has ended

5. They're friendless, lonely and are happy that you are willing to spend time with them so they maximize the time you give them
6. They have a light workload and foolishly assume that everyone else also has nothing to do
7. They think that you're better coworkers/ friends than what you truly are
8. You've feigned interest in the past and that has provided them with the illusion that you care to have more unnecessary conversations
9. They're stressed out and need your advice
10. They're lingering around you to escape or avoid someone else
11. They truly enjoy your companionship
12. They're nosy
13. They need to feel wanted and you're satisfying that need
What are some other reasons for why coworkers linger and overstay they welcome within your workspace?