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How To Overcome A Ghetto Name During Your Job Search To Avoid Employment Discrimination and Make It to The Interview Stage

We all know employers discriminate. Employers are made up of people and these individuals inherently come with preferences and prejudices. I wrote an article highlighting ten of the most

common ways employers discriminate against candidates during the hiring process. Click here to read it.

So now I want to share a few ways that you may be able to get your resume pass the racist or discriminating resume screener if you have a ghetto sounding name.

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If you're thinking to yourself. "I'm proud of my ghetto fabulous name. My mama gave it to me." All I can say is so is everyone else at the back of the unemployment line. Realize that people are innately judgemental and prejudice. Don't make things harder on yourself then they have to be.

Let us know what other ways or things that you do to get past those pesky employment gatekeepers. Share with us your stories and tips in the comments below.