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Overcoming a ghetto name to get a job by changing it first generation corporate careers FGCC

How To Overcome A Ghetto Name During Your Job Search To Avoid Employment Discrimination and Make It to The Interview Stage

We all know employers discriminate. Employers are made up of people and these individuals inherently come with preferences and prejudices. I wrote an article highlighting ten of the most

common ways employers discriminate against candidates during the hiring process. Click here to read it.

So now I want to share a few ways that you may be able to get your resume pass the racist or discriminating resume screener if you have a ghetto sounding name.

  • Use Your Initials - If a resume comes across a recruiter's or hiring manager's desk with the name Laquesha Diamond Princess Johnson what will he or she think? Let me know what you would think in the comments below. To escape peoples prejudices and at least make it to the interview stage Laquesha may want to use LDP Johnson instead.