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Dealing with lingering coworkers who are always lingering around


Have you ever experienced the following?
You're busy at work. You have to get a report or presentation out within the next hour and it'll take that or more time to finish. Or perhaps you're trying to finish up something so you can meet a friend for lunch or
make it to your childs recital by 5. Or maybe you're simply not in a social mood and don't feel like being bothered with anyone. Whatever the situation, you're working away, minding you own business, when your aimless, overly chatty, forever lingering coworker Bob stops by.
The next few minutes go something like this
Bob pulls up a chair, gets comfortable and says: "Hi.Great to see you. How are you?"
You reply: "Hey Bob. Im great. Good to see you as well. Im pretty busy right now so Whats up? How can I help you?"
Bob says: "Im great." then Bob continues to ignore the fact that you said that you're busy and gets even more comfortable in his seat and starts to talk about the weather, his kids, his lunch, his boss, your boss, his weekend, his next vacation, his last vacation, the stock market, sport teams and every and any other thing that has nothing to do with what your have to accomplish. At the momemt you could give a hot damn about anything that Bob is going on and on about. He's magically turned you into his sounding board and psychiatrist.

Bob's a nice guy but his shooting the breeze is taking away from your time to work. 
Throughout the interchange with Bob you've tried to interject and remind Bob that you have work to do but he won't take a hint. You start to get annoyed and slightly angry because he seems to not care about your needs, he is oblivious to or is simply choosing to ingore your hints, he selfishly monopolizes your time and lingers around your workspace and repeatedly over stays his welcome.
You want to be nice and friendly but at the end of the day you have work to do, people to see, places to go and a quiet peace to maintain and Bob is hindering your progreses in order to satisfy his social needs.
What do you do? What do you say? How can you stop this from happening again?
You think to yourself - How does Bob have so much time to sit here and bother me? Why do people like Bob linger when you're hard at work? The conversation has died ten times and Bob is still lingering pulling out the defibrillator trying to revive the dead conversation over and over again. Why can't lingering lingerers like Bob take a hint? What are the most effective ways to handle a lingering lingerer coworker?