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So there is no right or wrong answer to the three real life case study examples highlighted above. But let's provide some possible answers. Of course, we would like to see your answers in the comments below.

1. With Shawny, we wouldn't report him to management. They already know he's an idiot but they keep him around because he's fun to be around. We would opt to ensure that Shawny understands our requirements and what is being asked of him and document all requests and follow ups. Shawny is the type of person that CYA files are made for. We would avoid pointless arguments and debates with this idiot and just let this grade A coworker idiot think he won. We would continuously thank God that he blessed us to be us and not him and keep it moving
2. Giving CJs eagerness to learn, we would do everything possible to ensure CJ is brought up to speed. We would want to see CJ win and wouldn't mind helping him get to the level that he needs to be through training and development.
3. With PP we wouldn't do anything more than throw on some headphones and play some music to try to drown this idiot out. He doesn't work on our team so his work doesn't affect our work which doesn't affect our money. We would mind our business and let PP be the idiot that PP was created to be. Also while at lunch we wouldn't join in on the gossip and badmouthing of PP. Petty gossip and badmouthing others isnt going to help anything.

So tell us in dealing with an idiot coworker - what can you do and what have you done? Comment below.