Blue Flower

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1. First up is Shawny. Shawny is a grade A idiot. The more you interact with Shawny, the more apparent his incompetence becomes. Shawny lacks technical skills but is well dressed, properly groomed and more or less well liked throughout the organization. Shawny consistently makes mistakes and when you call him out on them, he gets defensive and avoids taking responsibility. He loud talks and tries to pass the blame whenever you approach him. You can't avoid interacting with this grade A coworker idiot Shawny, because your groups are closely aligned and his data feeds into your reports. So how would you deal with your idiot coworker Shawny? Comment below.
2. Next up is CJ. CJ and Shawny are on the same team and rank about the same on the "coworker idiot meter." The difference is CJ is humble. When you call CJ out on his mistakes he is willing to work to get them fixed. CJ is willing to be trained and gain knowledge. CJ is hungry to learn and grow and get better. CJ isn't as well liked throughout the organization and has much less attractive of a professional presence than Shawny. So how would you deal with your idiot coworker CJ?
3. Then there is PP. PP is a fat, sloppy, gap toothed, loud talking mess. The two of you aren't on the same team but he sits close enough where you hear and see his interactions with others. Based on what you hear and see you conclude PP is a grade A coworker idiot. You're out to lunch with a few coworkers who have directly worked with PP and they start to talk about what a coworker idiot he is. So how would you deal with your idiot coworker PP?