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Dealing with an idiot coworker - What can you do?

Have you ever thought "This guy is so stupid? How did he get this job? Who is he related to? Why do I have to work with this dude? This man's mistakes and lack of skills and knowledge is affecting my work. Is he really that dumb? OMG, he is such an

idiot." I definitely have had these thoughts and more about more than one person throughout my work career in Corporate America.

In the workplace, we will all come across people who we wouldn't hire or chose to work with. Some of these individuals we would classify as idiots. They just don't know much, make a lot of mistakes, get extremely defensive when you call them out on their mistakes, refuse help and are experts at the blame game. These fools don't take responsibility for anything. So when dealing with an idiot coworker in Corporate America or elsewhere what can you do?