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You Never Know What Your Coworkers Are Going Through

Just realize that your coworkers have a life outside of work and you never know

what your coworkers are going through. If you see your coworkers sad or depressed, have some compassion while minding your own business.

Many years ago, I was driving to work and when I had arrived my mother called me and let me know that my uncle had passed away. I knew that he was sick as he had been in the hospital and the last time I saw him they told me that his cancer had spread to the brain. I'm naturally a pretty stoic emotionless person, so as I heard the words from my mother, I didn't have a reaction. I was already at work and decided to just go in for the day. A couple hours into my day the news hit me like a ton of bricks emotionally and I sobbed at my desk. I emailed my boss to let him know what happened and left. Upon returning his boss was very rude and disrespectful to me and since that point I haven't been that comfortable letting my boss or peers know what I'm going through personally. 

Years later several of my extended family members were killed in a car accident. I dealt with it in my own way and told my boss what was going. From the time I learned of their untimely passing, I felt like a walking zombie. I let my boss know that I would need time off as the funeral would be in another state. My boss and others in the company went on to question the depth of my relationship with my family members and made a lot of hurtful remarks and false claims. I guess I wasn't publicly grieving as they would've liked. What they didn't see was the tears, sleepless nights, depression and months that I privately mourned their passing.

It brings me to last night. When calling a family member to get a mailing address and spelling confirmation of my nephew's name, I learned that my grandmother had passed away. She was 100 years old. I immediately felt comforted that she was in heaven with the Lord. She lived a nice long life. She knew the Lord and was a prayer warrior. I know she was saved. She helped raise me and I know much of my life successes and victories are a result of her prayers as well as those of my maternal grandmother and other ancestors. While I was sad and cried some, for me I truly believed her going home to be with the Lord was timely and a blessing. So mentally, I felt strong and okay. As such, I went to work this morning and my face must not have agreed with my mind because I heard my coworkers having no compassion for me and making cruel remarks about me. I asked God to forgive them for they know not what they say.

Over the years, I've seen coworkers make a lot of false assumptions about others based on whether they are smiling or not, appear happy or sad, arrive late to or leave early from work, what their relationship is with their significant other or loved ones, whether they've lost or gained weight, about what they eat and so many other trivial matters that are truly none of their business. I just want to say if this has been you, that you never know what your coworkers are going through. Mind your business and leave them alone. Stop making assumptions and spreading rumors. Stop going around trying to dig up dirt. Stop being hateful, nosy and deceitful. Stop tearing others down in an attempt to bring yourself up. Stop telling lies as if your gossip were the gospel. Its gossip. Stop being petty and messy. Just stop your shenanigans. You never know what your coworkers are going through and remember to treat others as you would wish for them under the same circumstances to treat you.

God bless you all.

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