Blue Flower

It brings me to last night. When calling a family member to get a mailing address and spelling confirmation of my nephew's name, I learned that my grandmother had passed away. She was 100 years old. I immediately felt comforted that she was in heaven with the Lord. She lived a nice long life. She knew the Lord and was a prayer warrior. I know she was saved. She helped raise me and I know much of my life successes and victories are a result of her prayers as well as those of my maternal grandmother and other ancestors. While I was sad and cried some, for me I truly believed her going home to be with the Lord was timely and a blessing. So mentally, I felt strong and okay. As such, I went to work this morning and my face must not have agreed with my mind because I heard my coworkers having no compassion for me and making cruel remarks about me. I asked God to forgive them for they know not what they say.