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Celebrate Work Anniversary

Do you celebrate your work anniversary or that of your employees? Should you? How often? What should you do to celebrate a work anniversary?

A work anniversary should probably 

be celebrated in year increments except within the first year. Within the first year there are important milestones such as completing the 90 day or three month probationary period. Within six months an employee is deciding if this a job he or she wants to have for the long haul or if he or she will be looking and out of there by that one year mark, so it's important to acknowledge a six month work anniversary. And the one year work anniversary mark is no different than a one year marriage anniversary or child's first birthday. It's important as it sets the stage for work anniversaries to come.


How and why one should celebrate depends on the culture of the company and ones standing within the organization. Some organizations have a culture of celebrating everything and some are so sterile and stoic where they don't celebrate anything.

Minimally as a boss you should congratulate the employee on the milestone in person or via email. If you have a good working relationship take the employee out to lunch and if not give him or her a gift card. Regardless of the relationship its a good practice to schedule a 1:1 with the employee and solicit feedback on how the last year has gone and what can be improved.


The human resource department of most large companies I've worked for will celebrate employees five, ten, fifteen year anniversaries and so on with a company wide celebration and gift or plaque. This is fine at the corporate wide level but more attention should be given at the departmental or group level every year if you want to keep employees around. Its good for morale.

Should coworkers celebrate one another. For the average organization I would say its up to the department manager to celebrate the employee's anniversary. Coworkers should congratulate one another but nothing more is mandatory at the peer level.


If your company or manager doesn't celebrate you should you still celebrate yourself? Absolutely. You should celebrate yourself. Take yourself out to lunch or treat yourself with a spa day, movie or sporting event. Love on yourself and praise the Lord for blessing you with a job. Thank him for his grace and mercy in providing you with a means to pay your bills and support your family. Thank him for safe travels to and from that place of employment everyday. Thank him for health insurance, food on your table, gas in your car, clothes on your back, a 401k and savings in the bank, a family that loves you and friends that support you. Be grateful to God on your work anniversary and every day that you go to work.

I know some of you are thinking I hate my job. My work environment is toxic. My coworkers and boss are jealous, hateful, petty and I don't enjoy being around them. I loathe my job. Should I still celebrate my work anniversary?


If that is you, you have even more reason to celebrate. You know how much strength it takes to go to a place you don't like and tolerate people you can't stand who are constantly undermining you, telling lies and spreading rumors in an attempt to get you fired. You should celebrate personally and publicly. Celebrate within your office to remind them haters that all their efforts were in vain. The lies and rumors they spread and evil deeds they did didn't work. Praise God for fighting your battles for you and keeping your malicious boss and coworkers at bay. You won and should be celebrating Gods grace and glory for all to see. If God be for you who can be against you - No one!!!


So yes, you should always celebrate your and your employees work anniversary. You should always be grateful to God and praise him for blessing you with a job for another year no matter if you like the job or not.

Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below. Does your company celebrate work anniversaries? What do they do or give? How often do they celebrate? What gifts do they give? What do you do for yourself?