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Be Selfish Don't Let your job rule your life

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  • Say no to staying late or working weekends - its okay to say no to staying late and working on the weekends. People with children have natural excuses so you have to be clever in this regard if you don't
  • Attend more of your children events - if your relationship with you children have suffered in 2018 commit to attending more of their events and scheduling more quality 1:1 time
  • Find a mate - if your love life has suffered and you are over 30 and single because you work too much and you don't desire to be alone the rest of your life commit to finding a mate
  • Stop putting off having kids - if you want kids but haven't had any because your job commitment be selfish and stop putting it off. There is no time like the present to start trying.
  • Do you struggle to maintain a healthy work life balance? What do you believe to be the root cause? Alternately, do you have a good work life balance? What has helped you be successful in this regard?