Blue Flower

Who is considered an essential worker you ask? Simply put

essential workers are the people that we can't live without. Essential workers help keep law and order and keep our society in tact. Essential workers keep us safe and sound. Essential workers provide essential services for are health and well being. Essential workers help us get from point A to B. Essential workers support the services that allow us to work and go to school from home. Essential workers are doctors, nurses, dentists,  bus drivers, train conductors, pharmacists, grocery store workers, gas station attendants, truckers, delivery drivers, long haul truck drivers, postal workers, police officers, ambulance EMTs, firefighters and other first responders. Essential workers are who we owe a ton of gratitude to and who we must show appreciation for.

On behalf of FGCC, essential workers we love you we thank you we know we couldn't make it through this pandemic without. Essential workers you are appreciated.