Blue Flower

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Years ago when I was in school I had a classmate that we’ll call Sally. Sally was friends

and roommates with Saya. Not sure why but Saya went around campus trash talking Sally to everyone who would listen. She spread vicious rumors about Sally to our classmates, professors and even the school administrators.

One day I was at Sally’s house for a study group. Somehow we got on the topic of rumors. Sally mentioned that she knew Saya was going around town trash talking her. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why Sally didn’t beat Saya a**. Why didn’t she confront her? Why didn’t she try and put a stop to it? Why was she still living with her? Why wasn’t she upset about the things that Saya was saying especially if they weren’t true. Why, I asked? It wasn’t making sense to me.

I’ll never forget that Sally told me that she wasn’t worried about Saya. She was focused on passing her classes. She was focused on living her best life and achieving her goals. Sally told me of how many people were for her and having them in her corner allowed her not to be concerned about Saya’s trifling self. She told me how Saya couldn’t steal her joy or peace. She was focused on herself and not at all worried about Saya.