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What is the difference between speaking with conviction and speaking with confidence? Are they one in the same or is there a difference?


Let's start by defining the words: 

Conviction is a formal declaration, a firmly held belief, the act of convincing or compelling another or the state of being conviced.

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on, a feeling of self assurance. 

Based on the definitions above there is a difference in degree. There is a difference in measure. There is a difference in weight between conviction and confidense. So how does that translate into speaking?

One who speaks with confidence shares his or her feelings or beliefts with a degree of certainty. But one who speaks with conviction takes it a step further and has the ability to convice or compell another into action. Think newscaster vs politician or preacher. A newscaster confidently speaks about what has happened however a preacher or politician speaks with such conviction that it elicits responses and calls to action. 

One who speaks with confidence can be speaking facts or fiction. The same is true for the one who speaks with conviction. You can have a confident or convicted fool. However a fool who speaks confidently wont move others to action as much as a fool who speaks with conviction. Speaking with conviction elicits emotional responses. 

Be careful in listening to a confident or convicted fool.

Feel free to add on in the comments below. How would you differentiate a person who speaks confidently versus a person who speaks with conviction?