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Be Careful Who You Choose As A Professional Reference Backstabbers

Be Careful who you choose as a professional reference. My team and I were going into a conference room to have a meeting. As we approached the room another team was finishing up a meeting and preparing to leave. As we entered my boss mentioned to one of the directors of the other group that she had just interviewed one of his mentees. She mentioned the persons name and the director immediately said it was a "No." My boss was perplexed as the interviewee had mentioned how much she loved this director and

enjoyed working with him at another company. She said the interviewee considered him one of her closes allies and couldn't wait to work for him again. He stared at my boss blankly and said "Do what you want but its a no for me."

Now I couldnt help but put myself in the interviewee's shoes. I wondered if she had been mislead by this director or just blind to see what he truly thought of her. Had she asked him to be used as a reference or did she arbitrarily assume that he would vouch for her. It made me think back to my time in college when we were voting in new members into our fraternal organizations. Many of the members voted against people who they should've have the backs of such as roommates and "close" friends. They voted against people who they were intimately involved with and who everyone naturally thought that they would've supported. It just goes to show you never know who you can truly trust and who is willing to stab you in the back. 


You have to be careful who you choose as a professional reference. Some people will claim to be for you when they are really against you and everything that you stand for. Many people are professional pretenders. If you have had good job interviews without any employment offers you may want to rethink who you have listed as a professional reference. You may want to have a friend or professional service test your references for you. In this world there are unfortunately many people who will smile in your face, laugh with you, agree with you while simultaneously plotting to take you down or keep you from rising up.

Have you ever giving someone a bad employment reference or learned that you got an unfavorable job reference from someone you thought you could trust? Or like me have you witnessed someone give someone else a bad job reference? What were the circumstances? Who was involved in the deed and what was said? On the hand how have you ensured that youve only gotten good professional references? What precautions have you taken? Let us know in the comments below how you were able to choose a professional, reliable, trustworthy employment reference.