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Would You Recommend A Bad Job To A Friend

Would you recommend a bad job to a friend? That is the question 

Would I recommend a bad job to my friend? Of course I would, but it depends. It depends on their situation. If they have a great job with excellent pay then I would never be so dirty to mislead them to go to a place that is far worst than where they are currently at. But if the bad job pays significantly more and will help them meet their long term goals then I would recommend it to them. I would provide them with a full list of pros and cons about the role, why I think it would benefit them or not by taking it and then let him or her decide what they should do.
No job is perfect. When pursuing and taking a role we should think strategically. Most jobs have less than ideal circumstances and some are just plain bad. But some of the worst jobs can have the best brand recognition to make your resume more attractive, the most character building challenges, the most pay, excellent professional connections, be in the best location, provide better work life balance and more. I've had to suck it up through many bad jobs but when I look back, I realize within these horrible environments I gained invaluable personal and professional skills that helped my resume. 
So would you recommend a bad job to a friend? Let us know in the comments below.