Do You Have Any People Acting As Timekeepers

Where You Work? 

Well, if you work in a non exempt environment there should be a time keeping system to keep track of the hours that an inidividual works. But time keepers in an exempt environment have no formal role or necessary purpose. You know the type my loves. These time keepers are those individuals or groups of people that you work with who are always worried about what time the next man arrives. Always concerned about what time the next women leaves all the while they take extended breaks. These are the folks who are always minding someone else’s business.


These time keepers have no lives, are nosy, and are bored at work, so they need to create drama. They have a strategy which consists of stiring up conflict with someone else or causing the powers that be to take notice of someone else to distract from the fact that they the time keepers aren't doing any real work. These time keepers have no real skills and often times can't keep up with their own work loads. 

Pay them time keepers no mind. Do you work and make sure to hit all deadlines error free. Let them time keepers continue to hate and keep it moving. Stay In peace.

Comment below if you've ever experienced a self appointed time keeper while at work in Corporate America.