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Rise and Shine – Laugh Out Loud (LOL) Today and Forever More At Work and Beyond

Good Morning. What a beautiful day it is. Hope all the mothers out there had a great Mother’s Day. You are appreciated and valued. I see you. God is with you and He has you covered.

Mothers you are doing a great job. Women you are queens. Mothers remember that it takes a village. Thank that neighbor, grandmother, aunt, sister, sister friend, niece, cousin, sister in Christ, sister in law, teacher, preacher and even the random stranger that has helped you along the way. Whether the biological father, step father, your father, brother, uncle, teacher, pastor, deacon or friend, in a month time let’s remember to honor our kings.

Indeed, what a beautiful day it is. Stay up. Don’t even look down. Don’t look back. Up and ahead we go. Stay powerful, stay peaceful and most importantly stay prayed up. Stay full of laughter and joy.

Whether through inside jokes, an outside jokey joke, random funny thoughts, a cute or endearing comic strip, a sitcom, movie or comedy show, laugh low, laugh aloud, laugh out loud. Laugh often my loves. Laughter is good for the soul.

Love you all so much. Have a blessed, laugh filled, productive work week.



Listen “What a beautiful name it is” by Hillside worship, “Oh Happy Day” by Edwin Hawkins, “Be Happy Don’t Worry” by Bobby McFerrin

Read about mothers: Mat 15:4-6, Exo 20:12, Deu 15:6. Pro 1:8-9, Pro 6:20-21, Luk 1:46-48, Pro 22:6

Read about laughter: Psa 126:2-3, Job 8:21, Pro 31:25-26, Pro 15:15, Pro 17:22, Pro 14:3, Psa 37:12-13