Practical Displays of Gentleness -

Ways to Actively Become A More Gentle Person While Working in Corporate America

  1. Put the other person(s) communication style first
  2. Know your coworker's personality type - Myers Brigg or some other personality test to help you know how to communicate
  3. Match the person's position. Don't hover over others or crouch below. If he or she is standing, stand. If seated, sit.
  4. Have a gentle demeanor even when the other person doesn't
  5. Speak softly unless being loud is warranted
  6. Smile
  7. Have sincerity
  8. Control your facial expressions - Many of you can control your words but need to practice controlling your face
  9. Loose the base - What's with all that base in your voice? Try controlling it to be perceived as more gentle and caring and not as aggressive
  10. Limit your eye rolling - It's a habit for many I know. Women especially but men too. Avoid rolling your eyes and your neck in discussions in Corporate America
  11. Avoid the resting bitch face
  12. Avoid that ni**a really face
  13. Avoid that I'm about to beat you down face
  14. Avoid that say one mo thing to me face
  15. Stop being so nonchalant and avoid the appearance of not caring by reducing or eliminating "Whatever, Whateva, Hmmp Whatevaaa!!!" from your vocabulary; At least give off the appearance that you halfway care
  16. Practice deep breathing
  17. Allow a few seconds to pass before responding especially to offensive questions or statements
  18. Recognize when someone is setting you up to engage in conflict and don't join in, Allow God to fight those battles
  19. You ain't no fish! Politely decline when they try to give you the bait
  20. Each time you feel like you are about to cuss someone out, cover your mouth, count to ten, say a silent pray, breath deeply and take a big fat exhale
  21. Vacation or staycation more often
  22. Each time you feel you are ready to slap a person, smile, excuse yourself and literally get up, walk away and go pray; If you can't walk away simply say no comment or I don't know I'll have to get back to you on that one
  23. When you have a choice, surround yourself with gentle spirits
  24. Seek wise counsel from people of honor and high esteem that you respect
  25. Get rooted in the Word
  26. Don't hang out with or spend a second longer than necessary with people who bring out the worst in you
  27. Stay centered, practice yoga and meditation
  28. Don't take the bait that will cause you to not act in a polite or gentle manner
  29. Learn your coworkers love languages
  30. Forgive offenses even when the other person isn't sorry
  31. Don't respond at all, silently take one for the brethren and let them win
  32. Know that you are in control
  33. Document everything
  34. Pray