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Let Me See You ID - Coworker Too Old To Always Be Acting A Fool - Do They Ever Grow Up?

I really want to

see some ID. Let me see you ID please.


Are you really over 50 acting like that? Over 40, over 30, whatever the threshold may be, you are much too old to behave the way you do. SMH. What is wrong with you?

You are always stirring up some mess. Always going around being hateful, vindictive, evil, spreading rumors, telling lies, standing there being disrespectful and rude. Just pathetic. Constantly talking out the side of your neck.


Try as you may to get a rise. You can keep trying but I won't be baited into conflict. Go somewhere with your drama, go somewhere with all that nonsense. You are way too old to act like that. Go sit your no good self down somewhere. SMH. Just shameful. I pity you.

Do you ever do the job that you were hired to do? Is harassment, acting a fool or being no good anywhere in the job description for the job that you were hired to do?


You are way to old to always be acting a fool. Will you ever grow up?

Let me see you ID. I can not believe that you are that old acting like that.

When you work with someone like this just thank God that he's blessed with maturity and pray that the other person will gain the same. Thank him for patience. Patience is a gift that God is using this person to help you develop.

Comment below if you've ever dealt with someone who makes you question their age. Someone who made you think "You're way too old to act like that." What was the situation and how did you deal with that person?