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Working For Olivia Pope - Funny How She Rarely Got Caught Up In A Scandal

Any Scandal fans out there? Think back to season 1 of the show. Remember the back

stories of each person who was hired into her agency. She found the most lonely, pathetic, lost, insecure, down and out individuals who would be loyal to a fault to her to hire. She only hired people that would chase behind her like a little dog. She hired people she could manipulate to do all her necessary dirty work without question or concern. She hired people who sought her love, family, friendship and companionship. She sought people that she could relationally manipulate. Very sad.


Did she really love them? Did she have their back when things got really rough? Or did she use them until there were no longer usable?

Have you witnessed this sort of hiring strategy in practice? What was the scenario and who were the characters involved? Comment below if you've seen the Olivia Pope hiring strategy in practice where you work.