Blue Flower

It's not always that straight forward in Corporate America. There are unofficial retalitations and blackballing that goes down. Plus my boss had painted me as a bad incompetent person to everyone throughout the organization and I knew she had the power to lie her way out of things and to deceive everyone into thinking it was my fault or doing. While I knew what she did was unethical, I didn't see any upside for me to reporting her. It was truly a loose loose situation. A catch 22. I would've been deemed an untrustworthy snitch and she would've gotten nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Whilst many corporations claim to have ethical hotlines and have strong policies against retaliations it's just not the case in reality. When working in Corporate America one has to be very cognizant of the unwritten rules of the office culture. It's not always about what is ethical or not or who's right and who's wrong, sometimes its about doing what's best for you. In my case, I knew reporting my manager would've done nothing to benefit me and that she and her goons would've tried to do everything in their power to further destroy me no not only within the organization but throughout the industry. So I kept my mouth shut, maintained a paper trail to protect myself in case anything ever went down and realized that I wasn't paid enough to solve every issue. Let the auditors do that.

Is my approach to be applied in every scenario? No. Of course not. Every company and every corporate culture is different. So there is no one size fits all answer for dealing with an unethical boss. But what I would suggest is to think through how reporting an unethical boss would affect you.

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had to think through practical solutions for dealing with an unethical boss? What was the situation? What did you do?

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