Blue Flower

I was working in Corporate America for a global IT company within the Finance department. We had completed the annual budget months prior and all budget reports and presentations had gone out to relevant parties cementing the budget in stone. Unbeknowst to me my boss had submitted a summary of budget targets to the sales teams worldwide which didnt tie to our official files. Months into the new year people started to question our files. Instead of my boss admitting she had made a mistake she instead requested that I restate the budget files and numbers to match her submitted targets. How did I respond, you ask? I'll tell you.

She made her request seem like it was no big deal. So I responded to her by questioning that if it were in fact no big deal why wouldn't she just admit her mistake? She let me know that the CFO would have her head. I questioned if what she was suggesting was okay to do? She said yes and that she and I would work together to derive the new files. I documented everthing she said, sent it in an email and wrote that the changes that I was making was all per her instruction.

Now some of you may be thinking why didnt I report her to human resources or to her boss?