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Consequences of Quitting A Job Without Notice First Generation Corporate Careers FGCC

Consequences of Quitting A Job Without Notice  

Have you had enough of your job? Are you ready to say F-It and leave? If you're at that point, get up, take a walk and cool down before you make any sudden moves. I've been there several times and most recently ended up Blackballed and unable to get a job for three years as a result. While I understand wanting to stick it to your employer and boss, in Corporate America

and many other industries the employers ALWAYS hold the upper hand. You'll lose every time.  

I worked for a large global conglomerate where I was bullied and mistreated everyday. After years of "taking it" I got a job with another firm whose corporate culture or work environment was just as bad if not worst. So without notice, I woke up one morning and quit. With no other job prospects in hand, I was out of there. I didn't care who or what I was leaving behind, I just wanted to be on my merry way. Come to find out both of these companies did everything in their power to keep me from getting hired again. Even though I gave notice to the first and was treated badly at both, prospective employers didn't care that these liars were at fault for me leaving. They believed them and wouldn't consider hiring me as a result.  

There are consequences of quitting a job without notice. The main consequences of quitting a job without notice include:  

 Blackballed Resume In Trash Quitting Job Without Notice First Generation Corporate Careers FGCC

  • Damaged Professional Reputation - Ever heard that bad news spreads like a wildfire? The same is true about "bad employees." Right, wrong or indifferent people lend more credibility to employers than employees. Don't believe the hype that employers can and will only verify your title, salary and dates of employments. HR departments and managers will talk sh*t about current and former employees every chance they get. Not only will they do this when your new potential employer calls they'll spread vicious gossip and lies about you internally to other members of your group and to leaders in other departments throughout the organization as well as to people in their external networks throughout your industry and location. Hurt people hurt people. So if your boss or employer feels that you've done them wrong they'll treat you in kind and blackball or blacklist you to ensure you suffer. 


  • Can't Work For Them Again - You won't be eligible for rehire. Just because a company is horrific today doesn't mean they'll be as horrible ten years from now. Members of Management change, companies merge and corporate cultures evolve. So the same firm that you hate today may become one that you'd love to work for ten years from now. But the "ineligible for rehire" label attached to your name will follow you forever. So think twice about the consequences of quitting a job without notice before irrevocably burning bridges  


  • Inability To Use Them As Reference - Employers nowadays are too savvy for you to be able to list your boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt, play uncle or spouse as a reference. Employers will use LinkedIn or call a company directory to ensure the people you list as references actually work or worked for a firm. When you quit you job without notice you're better off deleting the job from your resume altogether as it won't serve you as a viable reference.  


  • Trouble Getting Paid - When dealing with smaller companies or messy larger ones, you may have trouble getting your last paycheck when you quit your job without notice. They may be petty and hold your last check. You will end up wasting money having to get lawyers involved  


  • No Health Insurance - Unless you migrating north to Canada, after 30 days you won't have health insurance. While you may can go years without seeing a doctor or dentist if you have children or a dependent parent, having health insurance is vital. You'll lose all of your health, vision and dental insurance once you leave your job  


  • Lost of Accrued Vacation Time - Be smart and use up all of your accrued vacation time before you quit. Some companies follow a use it or lose it policy. So you'll literally be paying your job money that you rightfully earned in the form of unused vacation or PTO days when you quit your job without notice  


  • Feeling of Failure and Defeat - Have you ever gotten into a fight or argument and felt exhausted afterwards? Did you spend time analyzing how you could've handled the situation better? The same type of feelings will arrive when you quit your job? I felt defeated and like a failure when I quit my job without notice. The initial sense of victory that I hailed soon, turned into feelings of failure and defeat. Being jobless ain't fun  


  • Confusion - Normally one doesn't plan to quit a job without notice. It just happens. So after a few days you'll end up feeling lost, broken and confused. Be smart and properly plan your departure. 

Broke and Homeless Quitting Job Without Notice First Generation Corporate Careers FGCC

  • Broke, destitute and homeless - If you quit you may be ineligible to collect unemployment benefits. Unless you have a mean trust fund your raining day fund will eventually run dry. Depending on the amount of time it will take to find another job dire circumstance may develop. Please dont end up broke, without a pot to piss in or a sidewalk to through it out and or place to lay your head just because your hate your boss or job and want to quit


So even if you feel like you can't take it any more, try your best to not leave without notice. Go even further and make a mends with everyone you're at odds with even if they instigated the bullsh*t. Leaving with notice and on peaceful terms will keep you out of the unemployment line and able to quickly find another job. Avoid the consequence of quitting a job without notice. Trust First Generation Corporate Careers and learn from our many mistakes. We've been there.


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