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Broke and Homeless Quitting Job Without Notice First Generation Corporate Careers FGCC

  • Broke, destitute and homeless - If you quit you may be ineligible to collect unemployment benefits. Unless you have a mean trust fund your raining day fund will eventually run dry. Depending on the amount of time it will take to find another job dire circumstance may develop. Please dont end up broke, without a pot to piss in or a sidewalk to through it out and or place to lay your head just because your hate your boss or job and want to quit


So even if you feel like you can't take it any more, try your best to not leave without notice. Go even further and make a mends with everyone you're at odds with even if they instigated the bullsh*t. Leaving with notice and on peaceful terms will keep you out of the unemployment line and able to quickly find another job. Avoid the consequence of quitting a job without notice. Trust First Generation Corporate Careers and learn from our many mistakes. We've been there.


Having and building a career is more than simply showing up to work and doing your assigned tasks. The goal of the First Generation Corporate Careers blog is to provide advice and guidance to those who are working their way to the top of the Corporate Ladder or simply trying to survive the everyday struggles of having a job in Corporate America. While our focus will be on the First Generation Corporate professionals who don't have parents or immediate family members that have proceeded them in their chosen profession to help them lead the way, the career advice and other valuable tips and tidbits of information found throughout this website will be valuable and useful for everyone really. So lets help each other, let's celebrate one another and let's have some fun together while we work hard to achieve our goals!!!!


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