Blue Flower


  • No Health Insurance - Unless you migrating north to Canada, after 30 days you won't have health insurance. While you may can go years without seeing a doctor or dentist if you have children or a dependent parent, having health insurance is vital. You'll lose all of your health, vision and dental insurance once you leave your job  


  • Lost of Accrued Vacation Time - Be smart and use up all of your accrued vacation time before you quit. Some companies follow a use it or lose it policy. So you'll literally be paying your job money that you rightfully earned in the form of unused vacation or PTO days when you quit your job without notice  


  • Feeling of Failure and Defeat - Have you ever gotten into a fight or argument and felt exhausted afterwards? Did you spend time analyzing how you could've handled the situation better? The same type of feelings will arrive when you quit your job? I felt defeated and like a failure when I quit my job without notice. The initial sense of victory that I hailed soon, turned into feelings of failure and defeat. Being jobless ain't fun  


  • Confusion - Normally one doesn't plan to quit a job without notice. It just happens. So after a few days you'll end up feeling lost, broken and confused. Be smart and properly plan your departure.