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Consequences of Quitting A Job Without Notice First Generation Corporate Careers FGCC

Consequences of Quitting A Job Without Notice  

Have you had enough of your job? Are you ready to say F-It and leave? If you're at that point, get up, take a walk and cool down before you make any sudden moves. I've been there several times and most recently ended up Blackballed and unable to get a job for three years as a result. While I understand wanting to stick it to your employer and boss, in Corporate America

and many other industries the employers ALWAYS hold the upper hand. You'll lose every time.  

I worked for a large global conglomerate where I was bullied and mistreated everyday. After years of "taking it" I got a job with another firm whose corporate culture or work environment was just as bad if not worst. So without notice, I woke up one morning and quit. With no other job prospects in hand, I was out of there. I didn't care who or what I was leaving behind, I just wanted to be on my merry way. Come to find out both of these companies did everything in their power to keep me from getting hired again. Even though I gave notice to the first and was treated badly at both, prospective employers didn't care that these liars were at fault for me leaving. They believed them and wouldn't consider hiring me as a result.  

There are consequences of quitting a job without notice. The main consequences of quitting a job without notice include: