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Magical Distracter - Manipulative People At Work

You ever closely watch a magic show? Have you ever been able to detect how a magician did a trick? How did he cut that woman in half? How did he pull a rabbit out of his hat? How did he get that quarter from behind your ear? How did he do that card trick? How, how, how?

One of the greatest tricks of illusion that a magician uses is distraction. He distracts you with something while unmagically pulling a 'wallah'! You can not see what he is really doing because he has temporarily distracted you with something else. You can not see how that woman is being cut in half when he is spinning around the boxes and have the area beneath them covered in a curtain wjile playing music and doing a lot of other hopla. You don't know where the rabbit came from because your still thinking about the magic wand he hit against the hat a few times and the scarf that he uses as he raises up the rabbit and the abba cadabra that he shouts. You don't know about the quarter cause you still think about his grimmy hairy arm against your cheek reaching along the side of your face to your ear. You have been deceitfully distracted in each and every case. You, the target audience, the active participant, the one who needs to fall for the okie doke, has been distracted from seeing that the magician isn't doing an unbelievable magic trick at all but ordinary tasks covered in distractions. The magician doesn't have the skills that he claims to have. The magician isn't all knowing and powerful. The magicial is manipulative and distractively tricky. The magician is putting on a show to get you to see and believe what he wants you to see and believe.