Blue Flower

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  • Enemies lies prove that you may at times get rattled but are unshakeable
  • Enemies help you build your legacy
  • Enemies push you closer to God. No shame or condemnation here, but sometimes people only pray when there are going through something. In good times and bad, make it a habit of being in relationship with God.
  • Enemies increase your favor. What your enemy may see as harmful is actually beneficial. You are getting increased favor. You are being put in positions of increase favor. - Gen 50:20
  • Enemies sharpen your skills. Be wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove. "A smooth sea never skilled a sailor" - unknown. A little or lotta opposition from an enemy will make you sharper, wiser, stronger, more skilled and a better person. Don't cower in the face of an enemy. Don't run and hide from a little turmoil, some strong winds, and rough tides. God will protect you from the water and the flood. You're figuratively moving through lifes storms and attacks of the enemy in Noah's ark. You will make it to the other side.
  • Enemies will increase your network and your networh. Your petty, pathetic enemy will talk you up to every and anybody that will listen. There will be those who are just as jealous and envious who will take up position with your enemy against you but there will also be those that they are talking you up to who will have curiousity, intrigue, insight, favor, justice, wisdom, power, grace, love, kindness, mercy, who will be for you and not against you, who will push you to new levels and help get you to your destiny. Stand in your truth. Stand in your peace. Stand in your favor. Put on the helmet of salvation and breastplate of righteousness and know that no weapon formed against you or word spoken against you will prosper. God has you covered and will use your enemy to help you soar to levels you never even imagined possible. No matter how bleak a situation looks, nor how vicious your enemies attacks have become, you are positioned to achieve your God given destiny.