Blue Flower

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  • Enemies challenge you to love. Love is the greatest commandment of all. It interwoven glue that puts all the puzzle pieces together. One of the toughest things to do is to love your enemy but it is the will of the Lord. Ask Him to help you to have a heart for your enemies.
  • Enemies promote you. Enemies are our biggest promoters. Just carelessly fly. Continue to soar.
  • Enemies motivate you. Haters are your motivators. Stay on the high road.
  • Enemies bring you to the forefront of mind to people who would have not even know you existed otherwise. People like Joel Osteen and John Gray would easily live in obscurity if it weren't for their enemies. They may not have reached the level of world renowed authors and inspiration speakers if it weren't for their critics talking them up. God can and will use your enemies to push you to your destiny. Joel and John's enemies through their slanderous attackes promoted them into greater positions of recognition and influence.
  • Enemies are teachers of life lessons that we must learn in order to become closer to achieving or earthly goals and destinies
  • Enemies failed attacks validate that you are unbreakable