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Quote About Enemies - Words of Wisdom

  • "If you don't have enemies you don't have character" - Paul Newman
  • "It is the enemy who can truly teach us to practice the virtures of compassion and tolerance" - Dalia Lama
  • "An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes" - Thomas Jefferson
  • "Love you enemy for they shall tell you all your faults" - Benjamin Franklin. Along with the aforementioned words of Thomas Jefferson and enemy tends to not have any filter which can be good or bad. Be very careful when even listening to an enemy. At times it will be necessary to deliberately tune them out. Don't buy into character assassinations or words of failure or defeat spoken over your life. There are times, when an enemy may call out a flaw or blindspot that you need to know but were never aware of. Other times an enemy may say things that are just hurtful and are said to bring you to a place of sorrow and defeat. Walk a very thin line here. Be prayful and ask God for wisdom and for rebuke.