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How To Respond to enemies (continued)

  • Don't worry when people "succeed" in their evil ways. What may look like a "victory" may really be no victory at all. Life is war with many battles. You may not win every battle but get back up and fight again. Nipsey knew this principle that it takes time, patience, failure, defeats in order to win overall. He had a "Marathon" philosphy. Don't fret. Don't give up. Don't get defeated. Stay prayed up. - Psa 37
  • Don't take revenge against them, allow room for God's wrath. Vengeance is not yours. Rom 12:9, Deu 3:22.
  • Don't be happy or rejoice when your enemy has been taken dowm, destroyed, defeated. Do not gloat over him or her. - Pro 24, Mic 7:8. "There may come a time when it will be possible for you to humiliate your worst enemy or even to defeat him, but in order to love the enemy you must not do it." - MLK
  • Take refuge in the Lord. God is a refuge and a fortresss. He will protect you from the attacks of the enemy. Psa 91:1-2, Rom 8, 1 Jon 4:4, Nah 1:7, Psa 18:12, Jos 1:9
  • Remember that God will protect you, he will prosper you Jer 29:11
  • Have unwavering faith in the Lord. Know that you know that you know that what you enemy intended to use to harm you that God will use to prosper you - Gen 50:20