Blue Flower

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He knew that you can have people close to you, people in your circle who aren't for you, people who will plot against you. There is so much to be learned from the legacy he leaves. May his soul rest in peace, may his family find refuge and comfort in the Lord during these hard times and may his legacy live on forever.


God allowed Nipsey to drop one last great nugget of wisdom on us. His final tweet was "Strong enemies are a blessing!!!!" Many of you have questioned how could that possibly be? How could an enemy be a blessing? Let's explore what an enemy is, how to manage and be in relationship with an enemy, as well as what could possibly make a strong enemy a blessing.


Let's all agree that at some point in this life you will encounter an enemy. Jesus had them, Martin Luther King Jr had them, Ghandi had them, John F Kennedy had them, President Obama has them, Abraham Lincoln had them.