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OReilly Media is Offering the Book Linux Kernel in a Nutshell By Kroah Hartman FREE 9780596100797 Perfect for Computer Programmers and IT Guys In Corporate America

Linux Kernel In A Nutshell Reference Book

For a limited time only, O'Reilly Media is offering the book "Linux Kernel In A Nutshell" for FREE. This is great for computer scientist, programmers and other IT guys working in Corporate America. Written by a Greg Kroah-Hartman, "Linux Kernel In A Nutshell" provides a comprehensive overview of kernel configuration and building.


No distribution can provide a Linux kernel that meets all users' needs. Computers big and small have special requirements that require reconfiguring and rebuilding the kernel. Whether you are trying to get sound, wireless support, and power management working on a laptop or incorporating enterprise features such as logical volume management on a large server, you can benefit from the insights in this book.

If interested, click here to download your FREE copy of the book "Linux Kernel In A Nutshell." his book typically retails for more than $30.